Ramp up your digital communication strategy with our Hologram-as-a-Service

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Our Promise

We help your business thrive with human holographic communication anywhere at a fraction of the original cost by promising to deliver the best Human Hologram-as-a-service (HHaaS) and relentless focus on technological drivers, validated in our own IP*

Setup in under 2 minutes

Build your application. Use our API.    


--header 'Holoway-account-sid: $HOLOWAY_ACCOUNT_SID' \
--header 'Holoway-auth-token: $HOLOWAY_AUTH_TOKEN' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{"query":"mutation SendHolo { createHolo(input: {keys: [\"Holo_666889556.16143/Emoji.json\"], recieverId: \"user:1731580e-dea6-414e-9c1d-d437cef0d0a2\"}) { holo { id }}}"}'

Simple Code

Instantly you'll be able to let your end users capture, share & play recorded holograms. Both video and audio. Extra features (Qr code, unique link, 1-to-many, ... ) can be added.

Capture & Share Moments That Matter

Unique moments in time ánd SPACE

It sometimes really comes down to those moments you wish you could relive. Holoway's mission is to deliver on that promise

Instant Share

Send your moments across the world so others can step into your world for a moment


  • Zoom dynamic premium

    Realistic Holograms

    We offer immersive communication with human holograms
  • At dynamic premium

    No Need for extra devices or studios

    Our apps work on mobile without the need for extra devices, pre-production studios, etc..
  • Mobile dynamic premium

    Smartphone first

    We let you create a Hologram, without hassle: Airing a Hologram is literally as simple as shooting a video on your phone. No technical setup needed.
  • Chat bubble dynamic premium

    Share instantly

    We give you the possibility to share holograms right within your application when human communication becomes vital


  • Holomemories remove bg 2
    Released jan' 21

    Holomemories made it possible to create an unique holographic photo album 

  • Icon fill
    AiR Hologram
    Released April '22

    AiR Hologram is a social network where you can create & share holograms with friends and family

  • Holoscan
    Planned release Oct '22

    Holoscan lets you share human holograms through unique links or unique QR codes

  • Holocast
    Planned release dec '22

    Holocast helps to send out human holograms to all your subscribers, all at once.

  • Holocation
    Planned Release beginning '23

    Holocation lets your community discover location-based holograms

  • Holostream remove bg
    Planned end '23

    Holostream will make it possible to have holographic streams in real time.


  • 1

    360° Human Holograms

    Users will have the possibility to create full 360° human holograms by uploading no more than 5 photo's so every new hologram that is captured will be enhanced by AI that'll create a truly all round hologram

    Boy dynamic premium
  • 2

    Lidar Capturing

    Users will be able to choose between both front- and back camera when capturing holograms, where chosing Lidar will make it possible to capture larger holograms, augmented by AI, to maintain high quality crisp capturing of holograms

    Toggle dynamic premium
  • 3

    Add Pictures & Text

    Be able to also add pictures & text alongside Holograms to enrich you conversations and add more context to certain moments. This creates a great opportunity to make more moments memorable! 

    Picture dynamic premium
  • 4

    Dynamic Filters

    Think Snapchat / Instagram filters, but then focussed on holograms ánd adjustable in real-time. A real game-changer towards creating captivating holograms

    Brush dynamic premium
  • 5

    Android Release

    This one needs no explanation. We'll expand the offering to all smartphone users using a recent model so everybody can start communicating in 3D

    Puzzle dynamic premium
  • 6

    Make Holoway available on different AR-glasses

    We are determined about our end goal and that is without a doubt being able to have holographic communication on AR-glasses of all sorts. And we'll wait patiently and prepare until stars align to have a genuine impact

    Flag dynamic premium

Not sure where to start?

We offer 1-day workshops where you'll get inspired on how holographic communication can help your business to thrive. 

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Early Stage Start up?

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